App Growth Summit Berlin 2018

May 16-17, 2018  • Berlin, Germany

App Growth Summit Berlin 2018 will be a fresh and uniquely formatted event in Berlin, Germany on 16-17 May. Two full days of Presentations, Panels and Workshops to learn and discuss app growth strategies for Non-Gaming & Gaming Apps.

Day 1: NON-GAMING: will feature mobile app experts and leaders outside of the gaming world, such as Ford Motor Company, Delivery Hero, Zalando and more!

Day 2: GAMING: will feature Gaming leaders such as Rovio, Ubisoft, Good Game, and more! Choose which day is most relevant to your needs, or come for both!

Each day will be capped off by a Happy Hour in partnership with the Mobile App community of Publishers and Developers known as Mobile Marketing Experts!

Space is limited for each day, so if you would like to attend, please:
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Join These Companies (and more!) at App Growth Summit Berlin 2018:

App Growth Summit Berlin 2018


Rickie Zayee
Rickie Zayee Advanced Marketing Strategy Manager & FordPass Manager Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Sophie Vo
Sophie Vo Executive Producer Rovio
Eliaz Le Peuvedic
Eliaz Le Peuvedic Mobile Apps Acquisition Lead - DACH Google
Timothy Armoo
Timothy Armoo CEO Fanbytes
Aitor Soto Abonjo
Aitor Soto Abonjo Global Mobile CRM Manager HelloFresh
Lior Barak - Zalando
Lior Barak Data Project Manager Sr Zalando SE
Benjamin Bauer
Benjamin Bauer VP Consumer Delivery Hero
Delivery Hero
Gessica Bicego
Gessica Bicego Head of Performance Marketing Blinkist
Andy Carvell - Phiture
Andy Carvell Partner Phiture
Christinne Cuyugan
Christinne Cuyugan User Acquisition & CRM Manager Runtastic
Moritz Daan
Moritz Daan Author & ASO Expert Advanced ASO Book
Advanced ASO Book
Martzel de Domingo
Martzel de Domingo User Acquisition Lead Ubisoft
Maria Brigida Deleonardis
Maria Brigida Deleonardis Lead User Acquisition Free2Move
Caglar Eger - Goodgame Studios
Caglar Eger Director App Store Relations/Partnerships Goodgame Studios
Goodgame Studios
Peter Fodor
Peter Fodor Founder & Chief Marketing Agent AppAgent
Luca Giacomel Data Scientist Bending Spoons
Bending Spoons
Eric Jangor Vice President of Marketing and Business Development LOVOO
André Kempe Co-Founder Mobile Marketing Experts
Mobile Marketing Experts
Alexander Krug CEO & Founder SOFTGAMES
Matthaus Krzykowski
Matthaus Krzykowski Platform Director Tenjin
Adeline Lee Chai Suan
Adeline Lee Product, Growth and Digital Marketer Clue by Biowink
Clue by Biowink
Maren Lesche
Maren Lesche Ecosystem Manager etventure Startup Hub
etventures startup hub
Saulo Marti Head of Growth Otto Radio
Otto Radio
Meike Johanna Maryska Senior CRM Tech Lead Delivery Hero
Delivery Hero
Jerome Perani
Jérôme Perani Mobile & Partnerships VP L'Express
Ekaterina Petrakova
Ekaterina Petrakova Mobile Marketing Manager Rocket Internet
Rocket Internet
Elena Poughia
Elena Poughia Managing Director Dataconomy
Steffen Roemer
Steffen Roemer Co-Founder & CTO Applanga
Marvin Rottenberg
Marvin Rottenberg Head of Marketing Ada Health
Ada Health
Nikola Stolnik
Nikola Stolnik CEO Good Game Global
Good Game
Giulia Tobaldin ASO Marketing Manager Zalando SE
Ann Yukhtenko
Anna Yukhtenko Marketing Analyst Next Games
Next Games


Retention Optimization: How Delivery Hero Increased Retention and Reduced Ad Spend
Benjamin Bauer
Benjamin Bauer VP Consumer, Delivery Hero
Keynote Case Study: How Ford Increased Engagement in Their FordPass App
Rickie Zayee
Rickie Zayee Advanced Marketing Strategy Manager & FordPass Manager, Ford Motor Company
Embracing Automation
Learn Some of the Benefits of Incorporating Automation Into Your UA Plan
Lior Barak - Zalando
Lior Barak Data Project Manager Sr, Zalando SE
How to Deal with Adwords UAC - Hands On
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About UAC, but Were Afraid to Ask
Maria Brigida Deleonardis
Maria Brigida Deleonardis Lead User Acquisition, Free2Move
The Science Behind Analytics
How Data Scientists and Data Analytics Can Help Improve your App's Performance
Luca Giacomel Data Scientist, Bending Spoons
The Duopoly vs The Field
Facebook & Google vs Everyone Else - How to Best Spend Your UA Budget
Monetization & Payment Strategies
Finding Fraud & Snuffing It Out
Learn to Discover Fraud Quickly & Enhancing Your Methods of Mitigation
Blockchain in Mobile Advertising
How Will Blockchain Technology Affect Mobile App Marketing
Using Data for Better Targeting and Engagement
Advanced ASO
Giulia Tobaldin ASO Marketing Manager, Zalando SE
Moritz Daan
Moritz Daan Author & ASO Expert, Advanced ASO Book
Growth Stacks Panel
Learn Which Tools Experts Are Using to Improve Their App's Growth
Much More Coming Soon!
Keynote Presentation: What Games can learn from He-Man
A New and Necessary Approach to Game Development
Sophie Vo
Sophie Vo Executive Producer, Rovio
Instant Games on Facebook Messenger
Hear Strategies for Success with Messenger Games
Alexander Krug CEO & Founder, SOFTGAMES
Data-Driven Decision Making in Marketing
aka Why UA Managers & Marketing Analysts Have to be Best Friends!
Ann Yukhtenko
Anna Yukhtenko Marketing Analyst, Next Games
ASO for Games
Detailed Analysis of the Latest ASO Strategies for Rising in the App Stores
What Your Parents Did Not Tell You About Localization

Does it make sense to translate a mobile app or game when so many people speak english? Couldn’t you just google translate everything? Why and how should you translate app store descriptions and screenshots? How to test and fix translation issues after the release? Isn’t it too much effort to translate every update? There are a lot of questions and uncertainties when it comes to translating apps or games and this talk will provide you with answers as well as tips and tricks to common localization issues.

Steffen Roemer
Steffen Roemer Co-Founder & CTO, Applanga
Untapped Opportunities: How Thinking Out-of-the-Box Can Unlock Your Revenue Potential

The era of regular UA has come to an end - its not enough to buy users on CPI, CPA etc. anymore, because the competition is way bigger than it used to be in the past. These days you have to think out-of-the-box to unlock new ways to do UA. What kind of tactics are out there? This will be discussed with UA gaming professionals who will give us insights on how they execute unique UA strategies.

Caglar Eger - Goodgame Studios
Caglar Eger Director App Store Relations/Partnerships, Goodgame Studios
Martzel de Domingo
Martzel de Domingo User Acquisition Lead, Ubisoft
Getting Creative: Best Practices for Ad Creatives Production

Learn from the best gaming publishers how to set up your design team, creative process, feedback loop and localization to produce highly converting mobile ads without a hassle.

Peter Fodor
Peter Fodor Founder & Chief Marketing Agent, AppAgent
Focus on the Right KPI's
Learn Which KPI's are Best to Track for Optimization of your Game
Game Monetization Strategies
Learn Which Monetization Strategies are Still Working Best for Mobile Games
Influencer Marketing Done Right
Timothy Armoo
Timothy Armoo CEO, Fanbytes
Gaming Genre Growth Trends
Learn Which Genres Are Best to Pursue for Your Next Game
App Distribution Options for Games
The App Store Duopoly Might Be Best for Non-Gaming, but Games Have a Fluidity Non-Gaming App Don't
Indie Game Success Paths
No Money, No Funding, but Big Success Stories from Rogue Companie Who Did it Alone
Much More Coming Soon!





In order to maintain the highest level of event quality, all App Growth Summits are invite-only format. This ensures that we keep the most interested and engaged audiences coming back to our events. If you would like to join the Mobile Apps Experts, please Request and Invite and we'll get right back to you.

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